Mgt/330 Wal-Mart Organizational Paper

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Wal-Mart Organizing Paper
Ian Ericson
February 19, 2013
David Ball

Wal-Mart Organizing Paper
Business economy today has seen vast amounts of businesses fail. However, Wal-Mart Corporation is standing and increases their revenue yearly. In 2009 alone, Wal-Mart generated approximately $404 billion dollars in revenue. That type of success only proves that the organization has everything in order to keep on the track of success. Within this paper, an evaluation of the organizing function, in relation to technology and human resources, will show how efficient and effective Wal-Mart’s operational resources are. This paper will go on to demonstrate how Wal-Mart Corporation utilizes their upper management and the decisions
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The company has changed how consumers look at the retail industry as a whole. The retail industry looks at companies like Wal-Mart and labels them as discount stores that only make a profit through high-volume purchases and low markups. The human resources division has been able to streamline their efficiency with effective managerial resources. The management operates from within the main office, which enables the company to link profits to their many stores. The workforce of Wal-Mart prides itself on being promoted from within the organization. This means that the workforce has a large incentive to do a fantastic job with the benefit of moving up the corporate ladder within the company. The vision of Sam Walton supports his beliefs in the proper training of employees and benefiting the company from hiring within. The ideas of Mr. Walton proved that he had a successful business mind and understood what it would take to be a success. Mr. Walton believed that employees would be more productive if the company would provide computer systems that were able to support and help create well-informed decisions. Sam Walton also thought that the use of technological resources would enable the company to control expenses, aide the decision making process, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
In 2009, the company reported a net income of $13.6 billion on $404 billion in revenue (3.4% profit margin). The

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