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The Opening of New Dunkin Donut’s Locations Constance E. Hill-Bankston Management for Organizations Brian Freeland October 2015 The Opening of New Dunkin Donut’s Locations As the newly appointed District Manager of Dunkin Donuts I find that it is my job to develop a team of employees who can help to ensure quality service and contribute to making each individual store a success. In this essay I will be discussing the job design that I have chosen as well as other strategies that I plan to use in order to make sure that I am building the right team of employees. First a little background as to why I first began working with this company. Dunkin Donut’s mission statement reads: "Make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and…show more content…
Crew members work in a team environment and must possess the ability to communicate effectively with managers and coworkers. Experienced crew members may also need to train or support training of new-hire crew members. Dunkin’ Donuts regularly hires crew member job hopefuls with guest focus, passion for results, and problem solving abilities. (2012 “”, para. 1). Crew members and shift leaders are vital to the running of each location because they are the front line of the stores. They are the ones that do the actual work. Next above a crew member is a shift leader. A shift leader completes the same job duties as a crew member however; they differ because their level of responsibility is higher. A shift leader has the responsibility to lead the store in the absence of the manager. Shift leaders also lead each shift by delegating duties, assigning tasks, and following up with all crew members. Managers share the same knowledge and job responsibilities of a crew member and shift leader. Managers are the leaders of each location. A mangers job description is as follows: Carry responsibility for all aspects of store operations. Key areas of responsibility include labor management, ‘daily operations, and customer care. Labor management duties include hiring and training associates, creating work schedules, delegating work, and evaluating employee performance. To regulate daily
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