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Organization and Structure in a Business Setting Derek Aguilar MGT 415 Danielle Camacho June 3, 2013 Organization and Structure in a Business Setting Structure and organization is necessary in every group setting. How formal and how rigid that structure is, can be dependent on the type of organization. A large government or corporation will obviously have many layers of leadership and will have a definitive expression of authority and direction of its members. Even much smaller groups, a family for example, has a need to have a clear statement of goals and responsibilities, and also have a definitive structure of leadership. The success of each organization, regardless of the size, is wholly reliant on the…show more content…
The goal now becomes how to raise productivity and be profitable, all while limiting the potential for these negative side effects. Your building is one of the larger buildings I have had the opportunity to critique and I thank you for that opportunity. A larger group can also harbor larger problems. Your center has approximately 700 hourly employees, 25 immediate supervisors and 6 senior executives spread out over 6 operational departments. The department structure in the building is very good and on a superficial level, it promotes the success of each department by grouping like functions together. This is important because the members of the department become familiar with the tasks in their respective area and become more productive in that area. Familiarity also harbors collaboration between the group and can lead to improvements in processes and procedures. Unfortunately, one problem I noticed was the breakdown in communication between all levels of the team. The pattern of communication I noticed was closed and limited to only a small portion of the team as a whole. With such a large building, this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Opening the lines of communication within the department will strengthen the relationship each member has with their leader. This builds trust and will improve

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