Mgt 415 Week 3 Assignment

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Week Three Assignment
David C. Franklin
MGT 415
Prof. Connie Warner
March 24, 2014

We all know that a company that can build trust and bring about a rewarding atmosphere of personal appreciation and contribution will develop workplace norms and behaviors that bring outstanding performance from its personnel. Of the companies on our list the ones chose to research were CHG Healthcare, Wegmans Food Markets and Google. All three of these organizations caught my attention for number reasons, but what got my attention the most and really made me choose them was how they value their employee’s and strive to satisfy their needs. Most of us strive provide the best way of life possible for our families. When searching for employment people
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Also the employees at Google have the added benefits of being able to bring pets to work, onsite childcare, and of course the best one chow down on some free food. Additionally, Google creates an environment where its employees are encouraged to bring about any ideas they may have, and having an environment where people can express their ideas helps to foster a joint effort among employees which is extremely vital. “Google has constructed an empire where well-chosen elite accommodates flexibility, shifting roles, and urgency. Google shares whatever information it can with as many employees as possible, encouraging debate but insisting on like-minded cooperation.” (Hardy, 2005) Google has gone as far as to set a higher standard by doing away with the just offer the same old employee of the month parking space, instead they want to show how providing a better work experience results in a higher quality product or service. The Wegmans company is also very employee oriented. “As a family-owned U. S. regional supermarket chain, Wegmans Food Market ranked number five on the list and has opened more than 70 stores. More than 2,000 workers have enrolled in a free smoking-cessation program since 2009 and recently opened a new 24/7 health hotline.” (Wegmans

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