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Ethics in Change MGT/426 Ethics in Change Organizations that change will want to do so in an ethical manner. Businesses that try to create changes in an unethical manner will most likely harm their company at the very least, not including the stakeholders. By going things ethically, it will ensure that an organization is protecting the best interest of their business. Organizations being ethical will help them enormously, along with everyone involved with them. If there has been unethical behavior going on in an organization, the organization needs to examine the behavior and dismiss the unethical people to save the organization. By creating a code of ethical conduct, this will give guidelines and practices that are…show more content…
Firestone knew about the faulty tires before the recall happened, but they did nothing to fix the problem until the deaths started piling up. If they were acting ethically, the organization would have let the public know about the problems with the tires, and that could have saved lives. Managers have some say in the organizations they are employed by. The changes that happen within an organization are put into place to help maximize efficiency and productivity. Managers are the individuals who help facilitate change. The managers will be able to herd the troops so the change can happen with efficiency. Managers are the members of management that spend the most time with the individuals employed by the company. They should have the least amount of trouble persuading or enticing the individuals to the changes that will be coming. The organization will want to ensure that the changes are made through the correct channels at the appropriate time. Making sure the change is wanted by the individuals, and not coerced to change. Managers must not make change to the organization only in the interest of themselves, as this will damage the organization. If this is done, the organization can lose public trust or even cause the company to crumble. Organizations must also be cognizant to not make promises to customers or employees that they are unable to carry through with. Manipulation is pretty close to the
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