Mgt 426 Week 2 Team Assignment

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Managing Change Paper Part I Managing Change Paper Part I Intro In recent years, the world has seen significant changes in technology. With new technology come new challenges. One of those new challenges is identity theft. Identity theft can happen through the internet, ATM, emails, or even a phone. Identity theft can happen when any person(s) takes an individual’s information, such as their Social Security number, or even banking information for financial gain. “Close to 100 million Americans have their personal information placed at risk of theft each year when records in databases are lost, stolen or accessed by unauthorized individuals” (Information systems and technology, n.d.). Identity theft not only costs the person, whose…show more content…
To elaborate further, a banking representative is required to present or extend some kind of product referral after every conversation. The representative makes the referral and phrases something incorrectly. If the consumer misinterprets the information and later disputes the validity of a debt, a lawsuit will arise. Most of the time, if the expense is petty, a firm will pay out a demand without dispute. If the issue goes to court and is pursued, the conversation between the representative and the consumer will be reviewed and interpreted in favor of the consumer. As a result of common complacency issues, the government imposed regulations to reduce the frequency of claims. Preventing unnecessary suits, fees, or fines is a priority amongst all financial institutions and Sun Trust should have incorporated such external influences in their risk register along with contingencies to resolve the issues and implement preventative measures. Internal Change Agent Internal change agents are normally used to work on long term outcome changes. They have relationships built with many people from different departments of the organization. Internal agents have the current vision and what’s expected for the future. They have knowledge of how the systems currently work and what’s expected later as technology change. They understand the direction the organization is headed in and what support is needed to get there. Internal change agents

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