Assignment 1: Acting Strategic Growth Plan For DTAG

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Acting Strategic Growth Plan For DTAG
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MGT450: Strategic Planning for Organizations
Instructor: Carol Hooper-Boyd
August 12, 2013
Acting Strategic Growth Plan For DTAG

Strategic management is very important in the business world. It is the way leaders or organizations steer their company to success over both the short- and long-term. It encompasses a host of decisions that range from what the company will produce, to how it will compete in its industry, to how it will grow over time. At the heart of strategic management is strategic planning. In this paper, the company Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc., will be analyzed as a strategic plan is presented in regards to growing the business over the next three years.
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With the purchase of DTAG by Hertz, it effectively changes this to just three major organizations and should give Hertz Dollar Thrifty the edge in market share since both were major players on their own before the acquisition.

As a current employee for the organization, I have a lot of insight as to what makes the company tick as well as where it may fall short in servicing its customers and employees. Due to the high level of competition in the car rental industry, which is predominantly based on price, there is not a lot of distinction between competitors. How DTAG tries to differentiate itself from the industry, though, is by trying to facilitate a smooth transaction for its customers with excellent customer service from all aspects of the rental transaction. An example of such a smooth transaction is the fact that at many locations (including the one that I work at), the rental agents do not assign a vehicle at the rental counter. Once the rental agreement is set up and a car class is selected, the customer goes out to the parking lot and chooses any vehicle they like from the selected car class. Also, if the customer would like to, they could choose to upgrade to another car class with the lot agents that are outside. This effectively keeps the lines at the rental counter moving while also putting some control in the hands of the customer. It also streamlines the rental process to allow the rental agents to take care of more
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