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Ethics Paper MGT 498 October 24, 2012 Ethics Paper The role of ethics and social responsibility aids organizations in developing a strong strategic plan, while addressing the needs of stakeholders. Ethics and social responsibility require social awareness to address the needs of the environment and to increase the knowledge of employees, which will lead to a corporation focused on supplying the customer with what is needed, managers equipped with solid decision-making abilities, and employees who believe that he or she are an asset to the business. It is the executive manager’s responsibility to establish a clear vision for the corporation and place a specific focus on understanding stakeholder’s needs. In an effort to support…show more content…
Business planning is a strategic part of formation; contractual agreements are another important factor of communication so that each member has the same understanding of the commitment that he or she has made. Each individual has to be dedicated and responsible to the outcome of the entity no matter how big or small the business; responsibility, and knowledge are the foundation to start a business. The fall of the housing market is an example of how business ethics can change the environment. Mortgage lenders were approving individuals and families for loans that he or she could not afford. The lender would make a commission off of the loan and most banks were aware that over half of the loans begin approved were bad loans. Ethically this is not right, the lenders were deceiving the borrowers leading them to believe that the home was affordable and within his or her price range. Another corporation that operated unethically was Ford Motor Company with the production of the Ford Pinto. To compete with international competition and achieve Lee’s goal of producing the Pinto within a small time frame led to designing and manufacturing flaws. This resulted in a fuel tank design that would put the Pinto in a combustible situation should rear end accidents penetrate the poorly designed fuel tank. Realizing the design malfunction and deciding how to fix the fuel tank

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