Mgt 498 Week 4 Competitive Advantages Paper

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Competitive Advantages MGT 498 December 5, 2012 Professor Competitive Advantages This study will inform the audience, which competitive advantages Riordan has in common with Apple and Coca Cola. It will distinguish which competitive strategies Riordan may use to increase improvement and sustainability of organization procedures in the global market and the United States. The study will inform why certain types of competitive strategies were used and estimation on how it could affect sustainability of continuing business procedures. Last, it will clarify the effect the global market would have on Riordan’s business strategy. Apple, Coca Cola, and…show more content…
Riordan can increase competitiveness by using farsighted capacity planning, by making use of the breakeven analysis of financial statements. This helps Riordan to improve the process it already uses; therefore by using the just-in-time inventory it would help the company in the area of operation processes. Strategies are in place to ensure a better eye for detail, adding the key values of extreme precisions, and enthusiastic quality control to help continue the success. Business Decisions Differentiation and cost leadership are two strategies chosen because they are the most common between the different companies. Amazingly these leading organizations from different industries are using the same competitive strategies and tactics. The two competitive strategies may be the reason both organizations are leading within their industries. “Differentiation is a type of competitive strategy with which the organization seeks to distinguish its products or services from competitors” (Valdehueza, 2009). Riordan’s organization sells heart valves, plastic bottles, fans, and medical stents. Clearly, Riordan has a large variety of products. Organizations use a competitive strategy with cost leadership, which seeks tight cost controls. Cost controls pursue efficient ways to cut cost and be more efficient than the competition. Decreasing business costs every way
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