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People Management, the Mantra for Success: The Case of Singhania and Partner
Jameelah Richardson
Dr. Finn
MGT 510
September 10, 2012

In this paper we will discuss the case of Singhania and Partner. We would examine the case of Singhania and Partners and evaluate the organization’s strategy. Next we would evaluate each of the five IHRM practices with respect to recruitment and selection, training for cross-cultural adaptation, management development, evaluation, and compensation. Later we will discuss which of the five practices can be approved. Afterwards, we would make recommendations to management to successfully improve the current IHRM strategy. Finally, we would explain how the recommended changes impact the
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An analytical study would focus on the tasks that need to be performed to determine valuable factors. A written job description would be beneficial so the employer would know what physical and mental characteristics one should possess and what qualities and attitudes are desirable. The Recruitment and Selection Process is one of the basic HR Processes. Recruitment and Selection is very sensitive as many managers have a need to hire a new employee and this process is always under a strict monitoring from their side.
The Recruitment and Selection Process must be simple and must be robust enough to operate excellently in the moment of the insufficient number of candidates on the job market and the process must be also able to process a large number of candidates within given time limit (Richards, 2008). Cross-cultural training encompasses a combination of translation, instructional design and cultural adaptation, each of which is required to convey new concepts to a target audience in another country. Simply translating training material will not work, as it fails to take into account the cultural factors that influence the trainees' perceptions (Smith, 2004).
With Management development, you must look at the strategy of the organization and address that there are well trained managers in play to ensure the organization is on the right path of completing their goals. Basically an

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