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MGT 521 FINAL EXAMS 1) John writes a memo to his employees. Putting his thoughts onto paper is an example of A. communicating B. messaging C. encoding D. cryptography 2) Chantel received an invitation to a web meeting that will take place at 3:00 p.m. She accepted the invitation. This is an example of A. formal channels of communication B. spontaneous communication C. feedback as a function of communication D. informal channels of communication 3) You are doing research on political issues and find that you are on a conservative leaning site. What type of source credibility issue is this? A. Credentials B. Impartiality C. Currency D.…show more content…
identify the best employees to fill each position within the organization B. set specific short-term performance standards for each department C. evaluate the desirability of issuing stocks or bonds in the current financial climate D. identify the things it does well as an organization and the things it needs to improve 15) The process of rating an organization 's practices, processes, and products against the best of the world is known as A. webworking B. outsourcing C. benchmarking D. core competencies 16) Companies benefit today by inter-firm cooperation. One of the ways they cooperate is through networking. Another way is by seeking technological knowledge and learning new processes from other firms that usually fall outside of their respective industries. We call this A. competency capturing B. technology swapping C. benchmarking D. broadening the knowledge basez MGT521 Final Exam 17) An important difference between accounting and other business functions, such as marketing and management, is that A. accounting functions must be performed by an "outsider" (rather than by an employee of the business) in order to avoid conflicts of interest B. accounting offers us insight into whether the business is financially sound C. accounting involves mainly clerical activities and thus requires very little analysis D. accounting deals exclusively with

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