Essay about Mgt 521 Week 2 " Functional Areas of Business"

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Functional Areas of Business Paper

Improving marketing has become a top priority of successful inventors and corporations. Most corporations’ research different groups and needs in the marketplace, satisfy the consumers in a superior way by targeting their wants and needs. All marketing strategies are built on segmentation, targeting, positioning, and then position its offering so that the target market recognizes the company’s image and terrific offerings. There are many different business areas which will sometimes play a huge factor such as, finance, accounting, information systems, marketing, and strategic management.
“A marketing strategy employs the existing market offering to reach a new market segment, whether domestic or
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Before conducting a market research or making a product, researchers must ask themselves will it be helpful. Most businesses will not see progress or big profits within the first few years of the new business. The business must plan ahead to determine psychographic, demographic and geographic segments. They must also be able to provide the customers with their needs and wants. A Dan Whittner (2010) states, “in hard times or easy, setting customer strategies focuses on one thing: understanding your customers’ needs. Dan, indentifies how listening to customers guides strategy”. He also states, “It is important to know the difference between talking with your customers and talking at them. Dan Whittner (2010) highlights how engaging customers grows a business”.

There are five components within a well- developed strategy. Market segments its competition when it plans to enter. Decisions about an organization’s strategic plan should focus on management’s view of the company’s mission or vision. Its various activities define the essential nature of what the company is should be like. A marketing strategy is composed of several related elements. Businesses are created from creativity and ideas. Many new business plans fail, because there is lack of execution. You need to execute in all areas of your business. Implementing and executing the chosen strategy and evaluating performance all involve marketing and

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