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------------------------------------------------- Paradoxical thinking for achieving mastery ------------------------------------------------- MGT 605 August 27, 2014 Jennifer Solis Professor McGrath Table of contents 1. Cover Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Major components a. Part 1 – Introduction/ Definition b. Part II – Provide an example of a company that demonstrates paradoxical thinking c. Part III– Discuss whether or not one can learn paradoxical thinking and discuss the reasons for your answer. d. Part IV –…show more content…
This is an electronics company that has been in play since 1976. The name for the company was changed two times from Apple Computer, Inc. in 1976 to Apple, Inc. in 2009. This company knew that they were not the only ones in the industry, therefore they needed bright minds to work for them. The founders of this company were Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. As sellers of consumer electronics they innovated the way to look at technology. They created computers, laptops, cellular phones, I-pads and I-pods. What made this company unique is that their teamwork had in a sense a well knowledge of paradoxical thinking. What do I mean by saying this? As the technologies advance their way of doing things must change as well. This is when paradoxical thinking comes in to action. As competitors they must use different ways of manufacturing their products, they must know what the competency is up to so they can come up with something different and unique. As the author K. R. Ravi states, “write that companies that survive are those, among other things ,that do not oppress themselves with the ‘tyranny of the OR’—the rational view that cannot easily accept paradox, that cannot live with two seemingly contradictory forces at the same time” (p.3). This is when they start thinking out of their box and not only go and with what competitors are creating, but instead use their minds to create a new device that has

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