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MGT 660 Full Course MGT660 All Week Discussions Click Link Below To Buy: MGT 660 Week 1 Discussion 1 According to Porter, strategy is about trade-offs and choices. Select an example of your choice and elaborate on this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Use your example to support your position. MGT 660 Week 1 Discussion 2 Using your own words, define strategy. What is the strategy of the organization you currently work for, or one that you worked for in the past? MGT 660 Week 2 Discussion 1 Could an investor beat the stock market and generate a superior return with companies that have formulated and implemented a blue ocean strategy? Why or why not? Elaborate through at…show more content…
How can it be helpful to a company's growth? How can it be harmful? Give examples to support your answer. MGT 660 Capstone Project Overview Creation of a market entry plan,or creation of a market expansion plan, or an M&A plan The structure of this assignment is comprehensive and integrative. It requires synthesis and evaluation of information, skills and knowledge developed throughout your degree program. This final 8 week project (introduced the 1st week of the class) will serve as a culminating project. Each week, the student will have a specific portionto submit as described in the modules.Prepare each assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. The following is the outline of the Plan that the student is advised to follow as closely as possible. Each topic will address one or few specific competencies or learning outcomes. Each competency will be graded and assessed using the attached rubric. 1. Overview Describe briefly the context and your organization (500 word maximum). a) Articulate the vision, mission, and strategy of your organization (or business unit or division). b) What are the sources of competitive advantage? c) What is the business opportunity? Due by the end of Module 1 2. Environmental analysis and Industry Analysis Using the Segments of the General Environment write the
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