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AYB225 Management Accounting

Past examination questions, and additional practice questions

Questions 1-5 Standard absorption costing and variances (lectures 5 and 6)

Questions 6-12 AC/VC (lecture 7)

Questions 13-15 Weighted average process costing (lecture 8)
Questions 16-18 Service department allocation (lecture 9)
Questions 19-22 Joint cost allocation (lecture 9)

Available past exam questions exist for lectures 5-9 only. There are none available for lectures 10-11. Providing you with these questions in no way indicates or limits the type of questions on the final exam. You are advised in preparing for the final examination to work through all your lecture material, and through all the practice and tutorial
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(2 marks) b) Calculate the overhead variances using the four-variance method. (4 marks) c) How many units is denominator capacity? (1 mark) d) What is the amount of budgeted fixed overhead at denominator capacity? (1 mark) e) Show the journal entries for: a. Actual overhead incurred b. Overhead applied to production (2 marks) f) What amount would be debited to WIP for overhead if: a. Standard direct costing had been used instead of absorption costing? b. Normal absorption costing had been used instead of standard absorption costing? (2 marks)


The Bluechip Corporation employs a standard costing system to cost its production of widgets. From notes scattered on the desk of the cost accountant, you are able to assemble the following pieces of data:

i) The total standard cost of each widget includes: Direct Materials (5 square feet of Y @ $0.60/sq.foot) $3.00 Direct Labour (4 hours @ $2.00 per hour) $8.00 ii) The total labour variance (LRV + LEV) to be explained is $200 unfavourable. iii) Factory overheads are applied on the basis of direct labour hours. iv) Actual direct labour time for the

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