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Assessment 1: Theory Questions Student Name: Click here to enter text. Read through the questions below and respond in the answer box provided. Incomplete of incorrect responses will be returned for further work; your tutor will supply guidance through feedback. This assessment is design to demonstrate your: Knowledge of the project planning process Literacy skills to perform at this level Use of industry appropriate and culturally appropriate language. Instructions for submitting your answers: Step 1: Type your answers underneath each of the questions below and save the document. Step 2: Upload your responses using the following link: Questions Q1: Explain (in 1 or 2 sentences)…show more content…
Answer: List Explain 1. Project scope being to big. backing into a project schedule entails trying to determine the time and resources you feel would enable you to achieve projects success while ignoring the question of how likely it is that you will be able to get the required amounts of time and resources. 2. Objectives framing vague project objectives or falling to document assumptions, thinking that everyone is making the same assumption of what needs to be done. 3. Communication problematic communications increase the chances that people will work with different information when performing project tasks, as well as decrease team morale and commitment to overall project. 4. Commitment not getting key commitments in writing increases the chances that what they intended to commit was different from what you thought they did commit. 5. Constraints in general, all constraints are potential risk factors Tutor Use Only Successful☐ Unsuccessful☐ Date: Click here to enter a date. Tutor Feedback: Click here to enter text. Q7: As the project manager, please explain (in 1 or 2 sentences) how you will make sure that your team functions well during the project. Answer: I would start by introducing team members to each other and to the project at hand. Describe to all team members what work they’re responsible for producing and how the team members will coordinate their efforts, not to mention having charts setup so my team has a

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