Mgt Task 1 Part 1

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GenRays Project Charter

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Project Charter

15 May 2014 Table of Contents
Project Title
Success Criteria or Expected Benefits
Major Deliverables
Acceptance Criteria
Milestone Schedule
Approval Requirements
Project Manager
Authorized by

Project Title
GenRays Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
GenRays’ recent success implementing their financial system as produced cost saving that senior management like to fuel additional growth and expansions to improve the work place. Management has expressed the possibility to implement a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) with the
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2. Enhance the company’s performance review process. Allowing employees and management the ability to develop and track career goals.
3. Having a system that allows management to track position control instead of by employees would allow analysis of data to the salary grade and duty title. Giving management the ability to keep pay the same for the position no matter which location the employee works.
4. Transparent hiring process for both internal and external applicants. Employees would be able to apply and track their application. They would have the ability to know what skills and experience they need to develop a career path. Management can match possible interns to positions even before they graduate from college

GenRays has allocated $103,000 for the development and implementation of the HRIS if senior leadership approves of the project plan.
Major Deliverables
1. Determine requirement for new HRIS/evaluate vendor software/Select vendor.
2. Acquire require infrastructure hardware and software to support the new HRIS.
3. Migrate existing HR data and payroll functionality to the HRIS.
4. Develop and introducing training to company for new HRIS.
5. Establish transitional period and user support to HRIS.
6. Close project.
Acceptance Criteria
The acceptance criteria are describe in the table below:
Deliverable Acceptance Criteria
Determine requirement for new HRIS/evaluate vendor
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