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HRIS Implementation Implications GenRay 10/01/2014 The steps designated in the Work Breakdown structure were given in five different steps. First, assessing the hardware needs of the new HRIS software. Second, obtaining the required hardware and installing the new software onto it. Third, moving all employee data and records from the old HR databases to the new, more robust HRIS system. Fourth and fifth are very similar, training for both Managers and employees in the two new systems of records, HRIS and payroll. When assessing the hardware needs of the new HRIS software Kendall had to pay close attention to the required specifications. This may have taken additional research beyond learning the specs and delving deeper into…show more content…
With the new HRIS system now installed and accessible Kendall must now transfer all existing employee data from old systems to the new. This will require one, and possibly multiple, database transfers from the older systems. A database script will make this data transfer the most efficient, and Kendall will have the option to complete this himself, or use the resources made available by the HRIS system vendor for assistance. Once all employee data has been transferred to the new HRIS database, it’s integrity must be verified by running a number of system scans, checking for discrepancies and possible data corruption. Once the new database has been tested and verified Kendall would inform the project manager the next phase is ready to begin. Human Resource managers, and other key personnel, now have full access to the HRIS system. They will spend a quick week in their own training, acclimating themselves with the quirks of the system and becoming comfortable with common tasks. After this week has passed then a full, company wide training will take place, with the goal of accomplishing two tasks. First, to inform employees of the new HRIS system and some of it’s key features. Second, to set expectations among employees of what their responsibility and interaction with the new system will consist of. A brief mention of some of the high level

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