Mgt2 Task 1 Tools Matrix Essay

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GenRays Matrix Template

Project Management Knowledge Areas Recommended Tool(s) Justification for Tool

Project Integration Management • Expert Judgement

• Project Management Information System

• Change Control Meetings

Expert judgement is the primary tool used to bring the project together. From development of the project charter and development plan, to execution, monitoring and changing, and close of the project, expert skills and experience is used to manage and carry out the tasks to project completion. The project manager must use their expert judgement, with inputs from stakeholder interviews and the project management office to manage the project successfully.

A project
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Product Analysis is an important tool in the definition of the project scope. The identified vendors’ HRIS solutions should be analyzed to identify if their software functionality matches the collected requirements.

Decomposition is another tool that will be used to break the requirements documentation down into identifiable work portions, or a work breakdown structure (WBS). GenRays resources will be assigned to the project team based on their work experience and general project team experience to effectively perform the necessary work in the WBS. Inspection will verify that the scope of the project is the intended result of the collection of requirements and the work necessary to complete the project. Once the project scope is approved by the GenRays project sponsor and project execution is underway, inspecting the scope often to produce updates, change requests, or deliverable acceptance will be important.

Project Time Management • Dependency Determination

• Scheduling Tool

• Project Management Software

• Critical Path Method

• Three-point Estimates Dependency Determination is a tool that the project manager will employ managing time on this project. The

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