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Assignment 1

Type your answers to this assignment onto this page, using blue font to distinguish your words. Your answers should immediately follow the questions or items you are asked to address.

1. In Chapter 2 of Reframing Organizations, the authors describe four significant properties of organizations:

Organizations are complex
Organizations are surprising
Organizations are deceptive
Organizations are ambiguous

a. Describe the management implications associated with each of these properties (one by one) (Type answer here, using blue font. Your answer should total between 2-3 pages, single spaced.)

Organizations are complex
Organizations are collections of people. For them to function, the people must be willing to pursue a common
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Management, therefore, should set clear objective and roadmap to achieve success. Management should encourage all staffs to think creatively and practically in achieving the company objective. Training and learning culture should be established too. This is a strategic alignment (or brain wash) exercise, to train staffs with a set of values, guidelines, company suggested solutions/ways of thinking. Penalty to staff for making mistakes at work should be avoided.

Organizations are ambiguous
Complexity, unpredictability, and deception generate rampant ambiguity. Sometimes available information is incomplete or vague. Different people may interpret the same information in a variety of ways, depending on mind-sets, personal experiences, and knowledge.

Management is required to deep dive into the problem, finding out exactly what is going on prior making major decision. Deep diving into the root cause of an issue can be painful and timely exercise but it is worth spending time and money upfront then using more resources to fix those problems generated by a wrong decision.

Here are important areas for investigation:

What the problem is?
What is really happening?
What we want?
What kind of resources we need?
Who is supposed to do what?
How to get what we want?
How to determine if we have succeeded?

b. Taken together, what do these four significant properties of organizations tell us about the challenges of managing
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