Mgt311 Wk4 Team Strategy Plan Essay

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Team Strategy Plan MGT/311 Version 1 1 University of Phoenix Material Team Strategy Plan 1. Complete the following table to address the creation of teams at Riordan Manufacturing. Strategy Strengths Weaknesses Ability and personality of team members  Set limits on what members can do  Teams perform better.  Understand individual strengths and weaknesses  Optimistic role on diversity  Smaller teams are more effective  Effective with just enough people to complete task  Gives an option  Allows to have high and low performing teams  All members must share workload  Delegate responsibility  Allows teamwork  Performance based on skills and abilities of team members  Individuals play multiple roles  Only…show more content…
How will you address these barriers? Your response should be at least 100 words. There are potential barriers that might arise during team formation. The barriers are lack of communication, lack of trust, background differences, and different work styles. These barriers will be address to ensure decrease in team collaboration is not disrupted. The new team formation to create new designed product will consist of a variation of divisional employees along with new employees, to address the issues it is important to create training sessions. Training sessions will contain tools and resources to build trust and to get to know one another. Once the team players learn background information and work styles of other employees through assessments and games the project to build new design will be implemented with a higher success rate. 4. What measures will be put in place to evaluate if the team is operating successfully? The team will show progress of building new project once each members finds their stride. To ensure that the team members stay on track during manufacturing, the manager will motivate throughout project and be available to ensure that all members stay on right track. Performance evaluations will be conducted often to show each member of the team is performing to his or her abilities. Weaknesses will be observed and training will be provided to strengthen their skills. Another way to evaluate the team progress is to establish

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