Mgt330 Management, Theory, Practice, and Application

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MGT/330 Management, Theory, Practice, and Application

Wendy Johnson
June 19, 2003 Management Functions

In my explanation of the four management functions, I will explore how they apply to my organization, my supervisor, and my position. The planning, organization, leading, and controlling aspects of management are what I will discuss in this paper.
The fact that I am not a manager in my organization will pose only a small inconvenience and a minor distraction in the completion of my task. I can assume the role of the manager and thereby circumvent the difficulty not having the position might otherwise bring to this assignment. I will also be able to relate to the results as it applies to the managed. In this paper, I will try
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Leadership, in spite of some popular opinions is not something that can be taught, but it can be learned. I believe that all people have their turn to lead. The situation can determine a leader. Those that are lead determine who will lead. No one becomes a leader because of a title, but he or she may become one in spite of it, though not all will rise to the occasion. Like a lead dog that will run all the other dogs into the river, enthusiasm will not make up for ability.
If the ability to lead is present, a situation may bring it out, regardless of any plan or design. However, if a person is not ready to lead, or the group to be lead does not accept the candidate, desire will not make a difference. I am making a distinction here between a leader and a successful leader. Where it is true that a leader does not have to be successful or good to be a leader, it makes little sense in business otherwise. Leadership implies wisdom but that is far from the truth in many cases throughout history. Management has the responsibility to monitor and control those they assign to lead. The onus of those being lead is to know if they are heading to the river.


Now that there is a manager leading an organization by a carefully crafted plan how does that continue unabated? Does one assume that the plan is such that it will not go awry? No, nothing should be left to speculation. One must devise a system of checks and balances in

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