Mgt599 Mod 3 Slp Internal / Swot Kraft Essay

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Internal Analysis/SWOT of Kraft Foods
MGT 599
Module 3
Session Long Project
A corporate strategy is an organizations ability to define where they are headed in the future. This can be accomplished through an Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis which will facilitate sound business decisions.

The third installment, requires the submission of information with regard to the Kraft Foods Group Tangible (Physical, Financial, Human, and Other), and Intangible (Technical, Intellectual, Goodwill, and Other) Resources; to include their architecture, Reputation, and Innovation capabilities.
Tangible Resources
Physical Resources – Kraft Foods made a move in 2012 to
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(NASDAQ) Since Kraft Food’s gained its independence last year, it has seen a 6.4 percent reduction in grocery sales from the previous year across the board with only a slight increase in cheese as all other took a loss thus far. It is expected that for the 2013 fiscal year Kraft should reflect earning of $3.40 per share, this is up from the previous estimation of $2.75 per share. Overall Kraft will probably be in line or slightly lower than originally projected. (NASDAQ)
Intangible Resources
Technical Resources – Kraft Food’s ingredients are definitely a standalone production within the Kraft family. A subsidiary to the Kraft Foods Group and a leading company itself with revenue in excess of $19 billion, the Kraft Food Ingredients are well positioned to meet consumer ingredient needs. They are a leader in amongst ingredients suppliers; their overall focus is in research and development, marketing, operations, culinary, manufacturing, sales & customer service and finance. (KFI) This ingredient team offers solutions and technology across a wide scope of manufacturing processes. Kraft excels in the application of and places special emphasis in the development of cost reduction technologies, translating to lower the overall finished product price to

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