Mgt599 Module 1 Case Assignment Essays

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Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Course Number: MGT599
Trident University
Dr. Nanette Scarpellini Metz
April 22, 2013

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. has a mission and vision statement that accurately reflects the strategic business plan and encompasses their brand. These statements have been effectively written to be mutually supporting and provide the roadmap for continued success. Based upon Kraft’s mission and vision statement, the company has developed a well-rounded set of values centered upon a “Responsibility” approach. The company has also identified and pursued incremental goal subsets that are moving the company in the direction of the vision statement via following the mission statement
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The mission statement supports the vision statement and encapsulates the company’s heritage and future direction. The vision statement includes a vivid description of the organization as it effectively carries out its operations (McNamara, 2009). Despite the simplicity of Kraft’s vision statement, it definitely provides a vivid description of its long standing heritage and their intention of continuing operations into the distant future. Additionally, the vision statement defines the optimal desired future state, provides guidance and inspiration, functions as the “north star” and is written succinctly (Evans, 2010). These are the criteria for a successful vision statement as determined by Ms. Jennell Evans. Descriptive, Daring, Purposeful, Inspirational and Memorable and criteria I’ve developed after conducting extensive analysis. The vision statement is Descriptive in its profound, simple statement communicating Kraft Foods Group has been successful and intends to be successful for at least another hundred years. Their vision is also very Daring and bold. They are bragging on the success they’ve achieved and throwing the gauntlet down saying they’ll be around as long as imaginable. At the same time, their statement is very Purposeful with determination in
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