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Chapter 2 Describe MHC’s strategy in terms of market position. Also, identify the type external environment MHC is operating in and the degree to which the strategy matched the environment. MHC focused on providing care to the indigent and less able members of the community. It was reasonably successful until 1989, when the health care industry began to experience considerable change in governmental regulations and insurance procedures. At the time of their strategic planning, hospitals were reimbursed on the basis of a preset, standardized price for treatment rather than the "cost-plus" method used previously. The federal and state governments were putting increasing pressure on health care institutions to reduce costs. In…show more content…
Chapter 4 1. Do you agree with Fred’s choice? Why? I agree with Fred. The vendor was able to provide training and work simulations for everyone. 2. What else might Fred do before choosing a training package? Describe your approach in some detail. He could perform a TNA, and evaluate some KSA for his people to be successful. He also needs to explain the importance of the training to the employees. 3. If training went ahead as indicated, how successful do you think it would be? Explain your answer using concepts from this chapter. This is a reactive approach the field, and maybe a few things need to happen in order for training to be a success. TNA is a systematic method for determining what caused performance to be less than expected or required. Then follows input, and different analysis to determine if more may be needed. Chapter 5 1. Review the Domtar case form Chapter 1 and answer the following questions. A. In the implementation of Kaizen, what groups of employees are likely to need training? How should the trainees be organized? Think of this issue from a training design perspective and from a training content perspective. B. For the type of training envisioned, what are the learning objectives? Write these objectives in complete form. C. For each group of employees that will need training, what are the organizational constraints that need

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