Mhealth And Genomics Essay

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The similarity between mHealth and genomics is to benefit the people, with their health issue. mHealth is a mobile app that can scan for your health condition, and genomics are the genetic structure of a human being. Creating a link between genomics and mHealth is worth funding for, because understanding genomics can prevent any future diseases. mHealth provide basic health care and give medical advice for people. The purpose of mHealth was to bring basic health care to different places, that have the minimum amount of resources. mHealth can answer people’s question, that is related to medical issues such as, parental care and immunization. The mHealth Project can also provide health care workers to visit their clients and help them register them for health care reminder by voice or text messaging. The advantage for mHealth is people can get accuses on health care quicker and at a cheaper cost, and with mobile devices people can get medical treatment easily. The mHealth Project faces some disadvantage such as giving inaccurate results to the users, fail to operate on a large scale and the project have not gone beyond beginning phase. There is some place advantage for mHealth, it can provide supportive resources to people that have limited amount of resources.…show more content…
Scientist is studying the human genome to determine its sequence. Understanding the genomic sequence can prevent any form of disease, however, each person does not contain the same genomes which means it is hard to understand each genomes sequences. The advantage of understanding the genomics, is to understand how human genomic mutations can lead to life-threating conditions such as cancer and prevent them from happening again. The disadvantage for researching genomics cost a lot of money, the research nearly cost thirteen-billion
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