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Description Xiaomi Tech (Beijing Xiaomi Tech Limited Liability Company) was created and led by angel investor Lei Jun in Beijing in 2010. It consists of some top talents who worked in Google, Microsoft and KingSoft and focuses on iPhone and Android software development of smart phone and service operation of mobile internet. The logo of Xiaomi is “MI”, which is the abbreviation of Mobile Internet and represents that Xiaomi Tech is a mobile internet corporation. At the end of 2010, Xiaomi Teach launched Phone real-name community Miliao. In the next half year, the registered user of Miliao breaks through 3 million. In addition, Xiaomi tech launches mobile phone operating system MIUI and Android mobile phone MI. Miliao, MIUI and MI are…show more content…
Beneficial marketing environment: Apple, Nokia and Android are the top three mobile phones in today. But Nokia has the declining tendency. Xiaomi Tech has opportunity to replace it. * Threats Intense competition: Xiaomi nearly fame overnight. This also brings intense competition to Xiaomi. Xiaomi is like fledgling and no one kwon whether Xiaomi can get through these competitions successfully. Production capacity and channel: These are two significant defects of Xiaomi. But they cannot be solved in short time. Potential competition: China is the biggest mobile market. In the future, potential competition must enter this area. Marketing and marketing mix strategies * The early marketing Before launching the MI phone, Xiaomi Tech applies various marketing strategies. Hunger marketing, which imitates Appeal’s marketing strategy, has a pronounced effect on the public. * The four P’s Product: MI phone is positioned for enthusiastic fan. It has fortissimo configuration and the latest function. Participation of enthusiastic fan is the feature of MI. This satisfies the need of enthusiastic fan. Youth brand and fashionable packaging win the love of the youths. Appropriative app, like Miliao and MIUI is also attractive augmented product besides appropriative mobile phone shell etc. Price: The two major price strategies MI are penetration pricing and target-return pricing. The price of MI is ¥1999. It is much lower than

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