Mia Estelle James: A Short Story

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Mia Estelle James was a musician and a good one. 3 years ago when Mia was 11, you would have thought that she would have gotten nowhere with music. She didn’t care about it and she would slam her hands on the piano and yell whenever she was told to practice, but that all changed one day at her friend’s house.
“Let me cut your hair,” Mia quickly said as she tried to grab the scissors.
“I thought it was my turn to be the one cutting hair,” said Anderson taking the scissors faster and crossing his arms in front of each other.
“Well I get to have one last turn,” exclaimed Mia with her chin up in the air.
“After all, I am a girl and don’t girls go first?” What could Anderson do but just give her the scissors, after all she won and he knew well
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She thought to herself, “would it really help me or is this just an excuse for me to practice?” She decided she would give it a shot even if she had little thoughts in her head that told her not too. She sat down on the piano bench and looked at the keys. This was her chance to be creative, she thought to herself. Creative in a new way. She started to try playing one of her songs but that was a bit hard. So she tried more and worked on parts such as measures, lines, and making sure she knew the notes and when to crescendo and decrescendo. She learned what being creative like this could do and she decided that she really liked it. This song that she was playing was “Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast because that was her favorite disney movie. She really liked Belle. So here is what she did once she became better at the song is this. She would start adding more running notes and exciting chords and that is exactly what made her laugh and if she accidently played the wrong note she would laugh some more. What she had hated, she was soon learning to love. She thought to herself, this is really making me happy. Why didn’t I try this sooner? That night she was in a great mood and she decided that she should call Anderson. No not call him. Give him something. She really had done some damage to his hair and now that she…show more content…
She realized what she really was missing was creativity. Being creative like she had done on the piano made her happy and really enjoy herself. Hearing the fun tunes she’d play or making a mistake every now and then made her love herself more. The piano kind of reminded her of herself. She thought, when the piano is being played it sounds beautiful. Every now and then though the pianist may make a mistake just like how we ourselves make mistakes too. The pianist though is able to fix their mistake and keep on playing. We can fix our mistakes too. Now Mia was excited to go home and play on the piano some more. When she walked in the door she
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