Mia Haskins Research Paper

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I am Mia Haskins. I was born on October 9th, 2004 in Mary birch hospital located in San Diego, California. When I was born, I was colic so I cried a lot. My parents are Scott and Teri Haskins. I have two sibling an older sister named Ryann and a twin brother named Max. Ryann is 15 and Max and I are 12. When I was very little I need glasses very badly The first school I have ever went to was Pilgrim preschool. Then, I went to Calavera Hills elementary school and now I go to Calavera Hills middle school. I am currently in seventh grade and happy. Some of my accomplishments is having all A's and A+’s on my report card for 6th and 7th grade and being in honor roll. My favorite subjects are math and P.E. I like to read, tumble (similar to gymnastics),
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