Miami Beach Senior High Research Paper

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Coming forth as a senior, whom has attended Miami Beach Senior High all four years, it is an outrage what school administration and staff is carrying out. Miami Beach Senior High has been known and valued for the lenient uniform policy which encourages comfortableness, self-expression and individuality. When a student is proposed a strict and restrictive uniform policy, they begin to feel striped of all individuality and freedom of expression. Students become anxious easier, constantly second guessing and feel uncomfortable being where they are.
If I am going to have to sit in a chair for seven hours, I would like to at least be comfortable.
First and foremost, as a school located a three block distance from the beach, humidity and heat waves
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Students with restrictive uniform policies do not have an improvement in attendance (Washington journal). Here in Miami Beach Senior High to get a uniform violation on the first block schedule day took ALL of first period. Some students of which had Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Honors, and many other beneficial classes MISSED THE FIRST DAY. A student currently attending Miami Beach Senior High TOOK TWO HOURS to get to her class because she had “holes” in her jeans.
Faculty and Staff at Miami Beach Senior High are also forcing students to PAY, out of their own pocket no matter the student's financial status, to receive a OVERSIZED LONG SLEEVE WHITE SHIRT to wear the day they are "caught" in violation of uniform.
If the faculty and staff were worried about me getting an education and making beach high “greAt” again, than maybe the focus shouldn’t be on my knee slits but on the material being taught, quality of student work and extracurriculars that need to be done, i.e. some students don’t have a french teacher, others are missing core classes, some don’t even have a proper schedule, the student parking lot hazard, & etc.
Beach high has downgraded from an "A" school to a "C" school and by holding students back class periods and days because of mere uniform infractions WILL NOT help either
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