Micah Bustamante. Ms. Buzzeo. Eng 4U1-04 . January 18,

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Micah Bustamante
Ms. Buzzeo
ENG 4U1-04
January 18, 2016
Exploring the Process of Individuation
One’s own adversity is the greatest strength in their life. To encounter the challenging hurdles in society, people tend to overcome it through their grim experiences in life. In the novels, Lives of Saints written by Nino Ricci, Beloved written by Toni Morrison and the play King Lear written by William Shakespeare, all authors manage utilizing the characters’ obstacles to make them independent and mature. Shakespeare uses King Lear’s crisis in discovering his identity as an element to reveal the flaws behind his decisions which results in his ultimate downfall. In Lives of Saints, the main character isolation helps him gets a sense of
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Whereas, In the novel, Lives of the Saints by Ricci, isolation becomes strenuous for Vittorio when rumours identify his moral values and status. Vittorio states “I was alone now, without friends, and it quickly became clear what my status was with other boys… I was merely shunned, and could not make out the insults which they whispered to each other in class.” (Ricci 107). According to this statement, Vittorio suffers from being permanently neglected by his classmates due the rumour that his mother had an affair with a German soldier during her marriage which is perceived as a taboo in the village. Although, Vittorio did not commence actions that defiles his reputation. His mother’s past action consequently leads to the outcome of being aware of his status in society. Another occurrence of isolation is when one is separated from necessities which heavily impacts the emotional well-being of a person. In my circumstance, self-confidence and audacity are the necessary aspects that my friends took away from me during my high school education. I felt a sense of incompetence since my education performance is subpar in senior years and I was forced to achieve unrealistic standards by my parents. This led my friends to belittle my academic abilities and made me feel that I do not contribute any value and worth in society. In other words, these character traits are the fundamental aspects needed for one to achieve in
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