Micah Vale's Short Story 'Drip, Drop, Drop'

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I Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop. That was the sound Micah Vale has been hearing for 7 years. Staring at the cold metal bars of his personal jail cell. Today was different, his normal security guard came in and said one word “Parole.” His conditions were to stay in the state. “I’m going on vacation!” Micah shouted with joy.
Finally! Rodd Lambert thought. He was promoted to bureau chief. His new office was glistening. Everyone had to listen to him.He didn’t have to work hard working hard was for climbing the ladder but now he’s at the top. Ring Ring went the phone.
“Hello” answered the Bureau Chief
“ This is your new boss” said a voice from the phone “I expect 100% effort from you every single day. I hate slackers and I will replace
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Casey didn’t really care because she was going on vacation, it wasn’t far away but it was a break from work and she was thankful.
Chapter 2
It was nice to be out of jail, he hadn’t seen the sun in 7 years. Its rays felt good on his skin. He was going on vacation only half an hour away but it wasn’t jail and that is what mattered. The Breengsington resort and pool, it was going to be a great week away II The Breensington was the best resort in the area though it was hard for Rodd to relax he kept playing the phone call in his head over and over and over. I will replace you in a heartbeat. He couldn’t get it out of his mind if he got replaced he would have to work hard again and that was not an option.
Was that him,April thought,no it can’t be it’s all in your head,and even if it is him he’s on parole for a reason that means he was behaving. After reassuring herself April stopped staring out of her hotel window and went out to the Breensington’s pool for a relaxing
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He had been hearing rumors that he was Micah Vale. He new the rumors were true because he was Micah’s prison guard for the first 3 years of his sentence. Rodd had heard
April was very shaken up from her encounter with Micah Vale. His scream seemed to hit her in the stomach and she had spent the rest of night in her room. She cheered herself up by telling herself that the Bureau chief was at the Breensington and she could ask him about the position.
Casey was sitting in her room replaying the scene from this afternoon in her head. Poor Micah,she thought they’re probably going to call the police and then his vacation will be ruined.She had to put it behind her. Her friend Billy Dane was coming to the Breensington for the rest of the week, he was working extra hard because his boss told him he was very close to promotion.
Chapter 4 The hotel guests had been called to a meeting over breakfast. The Breensington’s owner stood up and with a pale sunken face he made an announcement,
“Last night April Lehman died.” A simultaneous gasp ripple through the crowd. Murmuring instantly broke out throughout the
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