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Loneliness is ubiquitous. Almost everyone at one point in their lives has experienced loneliness. Loneliness could be from being isolated and too different from other people to interact, it could come after losing a companion or it could stem from being stuck with speaking only to certain people. In any case, the stipulation for being happy is company and when denied that requirement how far will people go? The book Of Mice and Men gives insight on to how loneliness changes people and the way they act. Crooks is one example of how loneliness can make people bitter and resentful. Curley’s wife is an example of the lengths loneliness can make people go to. Crooks is a quintessential example of what happens when people are isolated. Crooks is…show more content…
Curley’s wife’s loneliness is from only being able to talk to Curley, a person who she doesn’t like. This makes her not consider consequences when dealing with Lennie. On page 87, Curley’s wife says quote, “You can talk to people, but I can’t talk to nobody, but Curley. Else he gets mad.” This shows how being isolated made her want to talk to someone so much that she did not think about how Lennie broke Curley’s hand, how he killed a dog which was lying near them and how Lennie did not want to speak to her. Normally this would be enough to make someone go away, but the environment she’s in is so isolated that this is better. Because she is married, she can only speak to Curley who only talks about fighting and is not nice and if she tries to talk to others she gets judged. Paradoxically, being married made her more isolated. This changes the way she acts because the only person who does not judge her is Lennie, which is what led to her death. Another example is how her name is never mentioned in the book. Every time she is brought up, there is a reminder that she is married to Curley and yet still lonely. This supports the message that loneliness can affect anyone and change the way that people

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