Mice And Men - Original Writing

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She grabbed a white gown and as she pulled it around herself, she also noticed that it had the same inscription over the breast. She dashed out of the bathroom, wondering what the hell had happened at the party. What if some psycho had taken advantage of the fact that she was drunk and kidnapped her? At least she knew that if it had happened, he had not yet had sex with her. She looked around the room and spotted her clothes folded neatly in the closet but her handbag and cell phone were nowhere to be found. Somewhere in the suite, she could smell the scent of fresh coffee and eggs cooking. Her abductor was probably getting himself well fed before he came to rape her. She felt a shiver running down her spine as she tiptoed her way out of the room into what was a living room. A sound in one of the adjoining rooms caught her attention and she decided that it must be the kitchen where the guy was busy preparing himself breakfast. What if they were many and they all intended to take turns on her? No, she could not let such thoughts ran through her mind, and besides, Beth would never have let such a thing happen to her. She looked around for a weapon to protect herself and settled for a fireplace fork before tiptoeing towards the kitchen. She held it tightly, ready for any sort of attack on herself. She peeped into the kitchen and her eyes came across a man that just had a towel wrapped around his waist, his upper body bare. It had to be the sexiest body that she had ever seen.
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