Michael Bloomberg : A Great Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

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There are people who are born with a knack to lead. Their personal and life experiences has helped them to find their passion and motivation to become today’s entrepreneurs. These people end up leaving behind a great legacy. Michael Bloomberg is an example of a great entrepreneur and philanthropist. He came from a family of immigrants, where he learned the values of hard work and humility, and because of it, he is known as a business tycoon in today’s world. He is the CEO and co-founder of his own company, Bloomberg LP. He also has held a political office becoming the mayor of one of the world’s most diverse cities across the world, New York City. According to chapter 5 it states “leadership is an institutional capacity, not solely an individual trait, in many successful companies” (p.53). No great feat is ever done by a single person, but by a team who is there to support you and help you overcome hurdles and obstacles. Michael Bloomberg became a political figure; he was an entrepreneur who saw potential in himself and pushed forward so far as to run for office. Enforced the laws created by his predecessor and enacted new ones to keep caring for a city that had been through so much. He won office to have his opinions heard and implement his ideas, but to do so he needed a team who shared his ideals. I’ll say he was an architect structural leader, as he delegated tasks according to the potential each of the people in his cabinet had. In starting his company he shared the

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