Michael Brown And The Police Officer

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On Saturday August 9, 2014 in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, an 18 year old man named Michael Brown was shot ten times and killed by a police officer. The police officer’s name is Darren Wilson. He was 28 years old at the time this tragic even took place. Many Americans, both black and white believe that officer Wilson is guilty of first degree murder when he shot Michael Brown, and other Americans believe he acted in self-defense. Because of the fact that the officer is white and Michael Brown was black, the case has stirred up plenty of controversy and differences in opinions nationwide. The day of the shooting, Michael brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson walked into a Ferguson convenience store. Surveillance cameras captured a man…show more content…
Then, Wilson fired the shots. In an interview, Darren Wilson said that he considered using mace, but then he thought mace would not be effective in stopping Michael Brown. And the use of a Taser gun was out of the question because Wilson was not carrying one. The only option he had was to use his gun, a .40 caliber Sig Sauer. When Wilson pulled the weapon out, he told Brown “Get back or I’m going to shoot you.” That is when Brown grabbed the officer’s gun and said “you are too much of a p—- to shoot me.” After struggling for the gun, Wilson pulled the trigger but nothing happened. “It just clicked”, said Wilson. Brown then hits Wilson and Wilson shoots a second time. Brown then runs off. Wilson and Brown meet again at a light pole where Wilson orders Brown to get on the ground. Brown does not listen and again, charges at Wilson. Brown puts his hand in his shirt, and that is when Wilson believed he was going to pull out a weapon. Wilson decides to shoot again but he misses and Brown continues to come at him. Then the final shot was fired, and Brown falls. People who believe that the shooting was in self-defense argue that Michael Brown was a criminal who robbed a convenience store before being shot. Some witnesses in the shooting said that Michael Brown attempted to take the officer’s gun and attacked him. After his death, an autopsy was ordered and the autopsy revealed that the bullet wound in Michael Brown’s hand determined that he was in
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