Michael Cavallari's Incident Case Study

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Reality star Kristin Cavallari’s brother has reportedly been missing for more than one week now under what authorities deem as “suspicious” circumstances. Michael Cavallari was first reported missing on Nov. 27 after his 2014 Honda Civic was spotted abandoned on Interstate 70. Utah’s Grand County Sheriff Steven White said Kristin Cavallari’s brother’s disappearance is considered suspicious because the car was simply abandoned a few days after Thanksgiving, according to the Independent. Officer White said the car may have hit a rock on the side of the road, but they are still investigating the incident. "We're combing the area for anything we can find," the Independent quotes White’s statement to KSL. "We're deeming it suspicious, but there's nothing to indicate anything one way or another. The vehicle…show more content…
They are still gathering information from people and trying to find out what happened, Fox News reports. After browsing through credit card receipts inside the Civic, authorities positively identified Michael as the driver the car. Then, they traced the receipts to a convenience shop in Monticello, Utah. The security footage also showed him inside the store, the report details. A laptop and cellphone were also found inside the car, Deseret News says. In addition, the engine was still running when the car was found and the airbag was deployed, the report adds. On Monday, Kristin released a statement thanking her fans for showing their support amidst the investigation. She posted an old photo of her and her brother on Instagram with a caption vowing to share to her fans any new information they will receive, the report relays. Michael Cavallari reportedly resides in San Clemente, California. The place where his car was found abandoned is located 100 miles north of Monticello. reports that Kristin Cavallari’s brother was last seen wearing a green sweatshirt, black shoes, and
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