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Michael Dell VS Andy Grove Looking at the differences and similarities between two top CEO’s of the technology field that grew up in two different eras helps business professionals put things into perspective as it pertains to the structure, strategy, and building blocks of a Fortune 500 company. This comparison and contrast is a learning experience for any student of business and will open the eyes of any business professional on what it takes to be successful at any age or juncture in your career. Introduction Through the review of chapter 2 and chapter 5 in, “What the Best CEO’s Know: 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming Any Business,” (Krames, 2003, pp. 55-77 and pp. 131-152) Andy Grove is…show more content…
Andy Grove finally realized that the customer would be a huge part of how successful his business would become. There are far more differences and one of the main differences is Michael Dell always believed that the customer was the driving factor of his business and “structured the organization around the customer.” (Krames, 2003, p.70) While Andy Grove was more about the company and the product trying to anticipate or predict what the customer wanted. Impacts on Success Michael Dell sticking with his “bottom up” strategy and “structuring the organization around the customer,” has made him one of the most successful and well respected CEO’s of the technology world. (Krames, 2003, p. 59 and p. 70) Andy Grove as a young child barely escaping scarlet fever and the Nazis during WWII pushed Grove to success through his mantra, “Only the paranoid survive.” (Krames, 2003, p. 135) Conclusion Andy Grove is antiquated in his theories and strategies on managing a business which may have contributed to his mishaps with Japan and IBM as opposed to Michael Dell’s simplistic strategies which kept him from having the painful mishaps that Andy Grove endured. Bibliography Krames, J. A. (2033). What The Best CEO's Know: 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lesons for Transforming Any Business. Prepare the Organization for Drastic Change (pp. 131-152). New York, New York, United State of America: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing. Krames, J. A.

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