Michael Ellis Debakey's Contribution To The Medical Field

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Michael Ellis DeBakey was a heart surgeon born on September 7, 1908 during a time when the practice of medicine and surgery was juvenile compared to today. The child of a pharmacist, DeBakey was inspired to become a doctor after being in a setting filled with doctors entering his father’s pharmacy (Altman). However, DeBakey did not simply enter the medical world when he became a doctor. He kicked down the door of the medical world and cardiovascular surgery with his iron shoe made of his sense of curiosity and sharp intellect. DeBakey smashed the word “impossible” when it came to seemingly unfeasible procedures and saved lives with his inventions and techniques that transcended the medical advancement of his time. Simply put, DeBakey’s inventions…show more content…
DeBakey performed the first successful coronary bypass by using a large vein from the leg to detour blood around the blocked area between the aorta and coronary arteries (Altman). Once again, DeBakey had transcended the advancement of surgery at the time and created a procedure that is now commonly used.

After realizing that the demand for heart transplants was outweighing the supply, DeBakey developed an assitant device. In 1966, he performed the first successful implantation of a ventricular assist pump (Britannica), The pump would take oxygenated blood from the left atrium of the heart and “pumped it back into circulation by a connection to the aorta or a major artery” (BCM). This revolutionary invention helped sustain patients with failing hearts for many years, just as a heart transplant would have.

Michael E. DeBakey passed away at the age of 99 in 2008 of natural causes. Hospitals and doctors continue to use his procedures and devices from the 1900’s, to this day. Despite the fact that DeBakey is no longer performing surgeries, his legacy remains immortal and his innovation left an imprint on the modern world of
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