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Your organization routinely uses scripts, but as some employees have left, there are scripts that contain only command lines and no one is certain of their purpose. What steps can be taken to ensure a way for others to know the purpose of a script?

C. Require that script writers place comment lines inside the scripts using the # symbol to begin each command line.

Which of the following shells enable the use of scripts? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Bash
B. csh
D. zsh

You frequently use the command ls-a and want to save time by just entering l to do the same thing. Which of the following commands enables you to set your system to view hidden files by only entering l?

D. alias l= "ls -a"

You have written a script, but when
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(Choose all that apply.)

A. /
B. <
C. %
D. *

You have created a series of scripts that se the same environment variables. However, when you run these scripts, some of them do not seem to recognize the environment variables you have set. What is the problem?

A. You need to use the export command and so these variables have global use.

You have spent the last two hours creating a report in a file and afterwards you sue cat to create a new file. Unfortunately the new file name you sed was the same as the name you used for the report, and now your report is gone. What should you do next time to prevent this from happening?

B. Enter the command, set -o noclobber before you start

You have remotely logged into a computer running UNIX or Linux, but you are not certain about which operating system you are using. However, when you display the contents of the _____________ variable it shows which operating system you are using.


What command can you use to view the environment and configuration variables already configured on your system?

C. printenv

Which of the following are valid expressions? (Choose all that apply.)

A. let x=5*9
B. let x=y+10
C. let m=12/4
D. let r=128-80

When you type for wood maple spruce oak pine in the command line and then press Enter, what should you typle next at the > prompt?

A. do

You want to store a long listing of your files in a variable called myfiles. Which of the

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