Michael Faraday Accomplishments

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Michael Faraday once said, “Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature” (Hutchinson). This innate and insatiable curiosity drove him to explore new regions of science that were undiscovered before. His early life in a Christian home and as an apprentice to a bookseller gave him a desire to learn more about the world that God created. Throughout his life, from his childhood to late in adulthood, he found inspiration in men like Humphrey Davy and Isaac Watts, the latter being a devout Christian as well. The Christian heritage passed down from his parents, and the many scientists who inspired them with their strong faiths and scientific discoveries helped to set a pattern for the rest of Faraday’s life. The…show more content…
The success he experienced as a scientist and experimentalist can be attributed to the men of God and men of science whom Michael aspired to emulate. Among these influences was the famous scientist, Humphrey Davy. During his apprenticeship, Faraday attended lectures given by Davy as often as possible. He took detailed notes of all that the chemist said, and eventually he determined that he wanted to work for him. He wrote to Davy and showed him the many notes that he wrote down during the long talks given at the Royal Institution. His meticulous notes and attention impressed Davy, who gave him a position at the Royal Institution. Michael’s first job under Davy was to accompany him on a tour of Europe. This job was not glorious by any means; it often meant being a personal servant to Davy’s wife (Michael Faraday 1791-1867). Upon their return to London, Faraday began regular work as an assistant scientist. At one point he was even entrusted to work with dangerous materials such as nitrogen trichloride, which previously injured Davy in an explosion. He received a fairly high salary for his work, and he was given a room in the attic of the Royal Institution (Michael Faraday Famous Scientists). His apprenticeship under Davy, until 1820, resulted in a long career at the Royal Institution that allowed him to make a vast number of discoveries that…show more content…
The church that was such a vital part of Faraday’s early life was instrumental in later years for his academic and experimentalist pursuits. The writings of Watts and the mentorship of Humphrey Davy provided a solid foundation on which his career could stand and a long lasting career at the institution. The Christian faith that he so obediently followed pushed him to explore the very boundaries of nature and scientific discovery. It also guided him through his studies of the inner workings of the universe. Among these many influences and inspirations in his life, his faith is probably the most important. It helped to bring him to a place of prestige in the scientific community, while also keeping him humble, curious, and eager to learn as much as possible about the world around him. As one of the most influential scientists of the nineteenth century, it is important to look at that which influenced Faraday and in his faith we see the very thing that helps to make men great. That is, God, author of all that is, was, and ever will be should be the source of inspirations and curiosity about the
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