Michael Faraday 's Force Field Theory

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Against this view, according to Michael Faraday’s force field theory, the collection of energy is prevenient and essential to the formation of matter. Accordingly, this theory claim can serve as a point of contact between the theory of the time-space-energy field and Pannenberg’s theological concept of the Spirit’s creative immanence in the cosmos. That is, Pannenberg understands that the biblical concept of the Spirit as comparable to the Stoic notion of the all-embracing pneuma, rather than Platonic notion of nous or “the cosmic reason that absorbs human reason.” Also, the development of the force field theory was inspired by the Stoic notion of pneuma. Hence, This theory “helps to understand the theological idea of a dynamic presence of the divine Spirit in all events.” It seems to me that, based on this discourse, we can affirm with Pannenberg that it is not impossible to locate the immanence of God as the life-giving source of all creatures. The Spirit is working in creation as “the vitalizing principle, the lure to self-transcendence, and as the inspirational power of ecstasy.” In the life-giving presence of the Spirit, it should be noted that the Spirit’s presence does not reject, but rather (on the basis of biblical teaching) invites the “co-creative” role of creatures: “Let the earth put forth…” (Gen. 1:11). “The Trinitarian God works in and through the process of the universe,. . .through regularities and chance, through chaotic systems and the
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