Michael Foucault's Different Forms of Power Essay

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Michael Foucault's Different Forms of Power

Michael Foucault distinguishes between two different and distinct forms of power, disciplinary and sovereign. Fouccault describes disciplinary power as the new type of power in the modern civilization. The use of disciplinary power transpired in the 17th and 18th century, and it used specific procedures such as distributing individuals into space, controls of activity, observation, judging, and examination, to regulate the people. The first way to create discipline is to distribute individuals in space. This space is usually analytical and physical. Discipline demands enclose, so that you see everything that is going on. Inside of this enclosure there is a partitioning where each
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We have something similar to this in gymnastics. We do and exhibition where everything need to be perfectly times and everyone’s movements in their tumbling needs to be the exact same. We break down the movements of the back handsprings and backs flips and learn how to do the special movements exactly the same as everyone else, so we look together. To be able to have our exhibitions be successful we need constant monitoring to see if we are with the music and with each other. The next step to achieving discipline is through observation. This gives you power by simply observing visually seeing what is going on. In this you are under constant surveillance. By being put under this constant examination you are always being put to the test to see if you measure up to set standards. An example of this is the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. You are always under constant surveillance, even when you are not in uniform or performing. Even if you are not wearing anything associated with the organization, and are out going to the local 7-11 and you look bad, you can get in a lot of trouble. You are always held to a standard with how you look at how much you weigh. In the DCC you are weighed every week and you re not allowed to gain more than five pounds or you will be dropped off the squad if you do not lose the extra weight. This brings us to the next part of discipline, normalizing judgment. This is where you have a rule or task and have
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