Michael Grant's Lies Essay

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Have you ever thought that things could never get worse? That this is going to be the worse part of your life and everything is going to be wonderful? More often than not this is never true, and in this instance in the book Lies by Michael Grant these kid’s lives are changing for the worst. It has been seven months now since all of the adults and teenagers at least the age of fifteen vanished out of nowhere like water in the desert (☺ Simile). Additionally, there is a gigantic dome that is enclosing Perdido Beach and Coates Academy and no one can get out. To make things even more interesting, there is no connection from the outside world and for some reason kids are developing powers and people are coming back from the dead. Also, there is a dearth of food and everyone is starving. Presently, there is a vast fire that is burning the town of Perdido Beach and Sam Temple (the leader of Perdido…show more content…
This book interests me because it has a lot of action. “Shoot him! Shoot him!” three shotguns in rapid succession. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Sam fired back. Pencils of blistering green light scoured the sand. A cry of pain. “Don’t run away!” “Cowards!” (Grant 248). That was when the town of Perdido Beach was on fire and Sam was fighting them by using his powers against the H.C (Human Crew) and the leader Zil. This book is also interest’s me because Michael Grant (the author of the book) shows the perspectives of kids my age and their reaction to certain situations. An example is when Sam Temple meets once again his adversary. “Hey there Sammy. Long time, huh?” “No,” Sam gasped. “Oh, yes,” the voice snarled. The voice Sam knew. The voice he dreaded (Grant 249). Sam’s adversary is a boy named Drake who is a truculent person, has a tentacle for a hand, and is Caine’s right hand man. Drake scares Sam because Drake whipped him at the power plant and he remembers feeling all the pain he
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