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Michael Hammer’s “Reengineering Work: Don’t Automate, Obliterate” is an article on the problems and some solutions businesses used to overcome their issues of wasting time and money on inadequate operation processes. As businesses grow, the operation processes grow as well and the way the process is handled needs to change to accommodate the growth to be more efficient. If you just add more the current process without considering a new way to handle the process, you end up with a larger problem then you began with. What Hammer is trying to get across is that instead of adding to current processes, you need to eliminate them all together and create a new design for the process. This new design depending on the purpose of the business…show more content…
The problem with that situation is being out of an ingredient needed to cook food that customers order can be a major problem if they are needed and there is none to use. The waiting time between getting the supervisor’s attention and receiving the produce is much longer than just allowing the employee to make the decision. Allowing an employee that is closely related to the issue, to make a decision to resolve it more quickly is more efficient than taking the long route and deal with his superior. Having work done in an area that does not flow with the building process is another wasteful operation process. If you went to Subway and they asked you what veggies you wanted before the type of bread and meat, it would be way out of place and definitely wouldn’t make sense. This would cause wasted time because the assembly of the sandwich would be backwards. Having to send any kind of data between multiple people for different processes is also an issue of operation processes. The more places that the same data has to flow through, causes miscommunication, as well as lost data along the way. If you remember the telephone game where one person tells the next person what the previous person told them and at the end you see if the message is even remotely the same. Every time I have played this game, the message is never exactly the same as when it started. Same thing with business’s passing a long data, you are bound to have
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