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In case you were one of the few MMA fans on the planet that didnt catch last nights UFC event, fellow MMA fanatic Michael Hans has provided some guest commentary for The Punch. His thoughts on UFC 84 (FYI, I wholeheartedly agree with points number 1 and 4): 1) Loved the Penn fight. He dominated and I would like to see him rule the lightweights for years to come. I know why he wants to fight GSP, but thats for personal not professional reasons. He wants to beat the one guy who is a true challenge for him and avenge his lost to George. If he stopped and looked at it from a professional stand point. He should stay at 155 and have three to four title defenses a year. He could be the Matt Hughes of the lightweights and rule the weight class for…show more content…
This Croatian sensation has it and I expect him to be a top contender in a few years. His over 80 reach is off the charts. He has dynamic power in his kicks and just the right look and fighting style that fans pay to see. Granted he almost got KOed last night, but you could also say that he kept his his composer, fought back and had a entertaining fight for his first time in the UFC. How many fighters over the years have you had to hear that fighters have to get use to the lime light and that it takes a couple fights under the pay-per-view lights to get their bearings. This 24 year old kid looked good, and he could have a belt some day. 4) Shocker. Lyoto is boring. My buddy, Backdoor, says, Lyoto is a strategic fighter. I say, people pay good money to see a fight not a track meet. Engage or go home! If Machida fought with Silvas passion he would be a hell of a fighter, but he doesnt and never will. This guy needs to only fight aggressive risk takers. His next fight, if he even gets one, should be against Silva and then well see if he will engage or run. My bet is that Machida will bring his track shoes. 5) Palhares looks good. Real good. Glad to see Sokoudjou get a TKO. I like the guy and he needs to string some wins

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