Michael Harris Communication

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I strongly disagree with Kippling’s conclusion of Michael Harris’s quote. To say that two groups of people can’t get along, under any circumstance, is a very bold and generalized statement. There are several groups of people who don’t get along, and that would be a much better way for Harris to state his thoughts, however, groups of people do get along, and those who don’t get along and understand each other can with proper communication, education, and exposure on both ends. One of the biggest problems in my opinion is communication. It is very confusing, and often-times scary, for someone new to show up whom you have no knowledge of. Humans are typically scared of unwanted change, and when you cannot communicate with this new person, you…show more content…
To understand someone, you have to have a strong education on every part of their culture, their land, and what groups of people are there and how each one is unique. The difference of having and not having a knowledge of this can make all the difference in the world. Without it, you would walk past someone and see them kneeling in front of a dresser with a little statue with burning sticks around it, mumbling to themselves. You wouldn’t understand it, and possibly think they aren’t stable human beings. If you knew of this culture and walked past, you would see someone kneeling at a shrine praying to their version of god and burning incense. How you see something is all about understanding, and that is not able to happen without knowledge. One more thing about understand that is critical is exposure. Our brains have a better ability to understand something that we have been around for a longer time. Exposure also helps you gain an education on their way of life and how they communicate. Without this, we can’t possibly understand why they do things the way they do. We then form our opinions of these people in our head and we dislike them. The way we treat them reflects how we feel about them and since we have a poor view of them, that is exactly how we treat them. This is what causes our
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