Michael Himes Inaugural Address Analysis

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The last lecture by Michael Himes was quite inspiring and so thought provoking I felt the need to watch it more than once. I strongly and unequivocally believe this lecture perfectly tied up all we have learned so far in Christian Ethics. The rezoning theme throughout the speech was to live outward instead of inward. This is best exemplified by one part in the lecture where he stated: “that by living outward we can live on forever”. In addition, he requests that we and future generations attempt not to fit our experience with tradition, but be willing to shatter tradition. After all, tradition has been shaped by people and communities just like us. I can honestly say that both my Christian Ethics and the way Michael Himes was able to…show more content…
And this speech was a clear example of that. He offers a story about a young man who set off around the world attempting to find the meaning of life when one faithful day he stumbled upon a mansion where he was created and offered dinner by butlers and maids. The owner appeared to be a king who was gravely ill, shortly after a man wielding a weapon in one hand entered the room, the young man left the mansion and it disappeared, the young man could not understand, yet after continuing his travels he happened to find the mansion once again only this time he asked the ill owner of the mansion “tell me your story, what is the source of your pain” and in that very moment he had discovered the true meaning of life. To give yourself to others. His final words in this speech were something I am not ashamed to say almost brought me to tears. The passion and the way in which I was able to relate were astonishing. Michael Himes said and I quote “The thing that I wish for you is that sometime in your life you get a chance to say to people who mean an enormous amount to you what it is that has been truest in your own life because in a moment like that that you know that everything you gave away has been given back in…show more content…
I say begin because to quote father Kirby “The depth of our character is as vast and large as the entire galaxy”. We can never fully know who we are and we can never fully know someone else. That is, in my humble opinion, what makes life so amazing. However, what I have learned is that I have a moral duty to attempt to the best of my abilities and with the help of our Lord to be a man of good moral character, who’s action reflects that, and as a result build better communities. Communities that are just and of good moral character. In addition, to aspire to be as both Professor Kirby and Michael Himes have stressed so eloquently to be a man of integrity. So that when my eventual time comes, everyone, I’ve left behind can say I was the same person to them all. I now understand what it means to habitually answer the call to recognize, respect and respond to other persons as creatures fashioned in the image and likeness of God. To focus more on helping others and try to guide them with nothing but my best intentions and “to give myself away” to quote Michael Himes, and by doing so be of good moral character. In light of this, it is due to my countless hours reading the book “Character, choices and community” that I have committed to memory the second chapter, a chapter I believe of grave important
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