Michael J. Fox

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Michael J. Fox (Parkinson’s Disease) We all know who Michael J. Fox is. Let’s start with Back to the Future classics (Marty McFly), Teen wolf and Family Ties, Spin City and many other movies, shows the list can go and on. Nevertheless, what we do not know of Michael J. Fox was that he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease at the age of twenty-nine. In 1999, he decided to go public after he had brain surgery to destroy cell clusters with a laser to handle the “uncontrollable shaking” on his left side but soon after the surgery the right side started to shake as well. The early symptoms of Parkinson where displayed during the production of a movie, “Doc Hollywood”. During this time to cope with his early Parkinson he drank himself into a slumber, but eventually sought out help for his consumption of alcohol and decided to quit drinking permanently. Michaels family does not have any history or genetics with Parkinson’s, which remains to be a mystery on why he acquired the disease. In conducting my research, it was insinuated that the Fox family were always eating fast food and consuming alcohol, which may have played a part to the disease, but it is still unclear. The symptoms associated with Michaels diagnosis of Parkinson’s began with the shaking…show more content…
Fox foundation on March 5, 2010, and became an advocate for research in stem cell research for the disease. The foundation has supported all studies covering gene therapy, developing stem cell from embryonic or fetal tissue. The foundation research has given out 17 million to help finance 57 studies. His foundation has raised over 700 million to speed the cure for Parkinson’s. Michael has published four books, each book is donated to the Michael J. Fox foundation, dedicated to the fast-forwarding cure for Parkinson’s. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has an active website for donation and any information for anyone experiencing Parkinson’s.
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