Michael Jackson Chapter Summary

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Michael (who is a tangent that took over Jackson Porter’s body) and his friends are driving to a Tangent outpost against the Mortality Doctrine. When ever Michael and his friends find something, Sarah’s parents make her stay back with them. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah are taken into the Virt Net (a virtual world people can access) and are shown the Mortality Doctrine, created by Kaine, by Helga. Helga also shows them clips of news that had happened recently. Kaine appears here and talks to Sarah, Michael, Helga, and Bryson. After that they go back to the real world. Eventually when Michael, Bryon, and Helga (another tangent who used to be Michael’s nanny) go off to another country Sarah sneaks out and tags along with them. While on the road to an airport, Gabby…show more content…
Together they start to fight them and then Helga, Bryson, and Gabby show up. Michael tells them to split up and that he and Kiane will sort out the Doctrine. Then the VNS show up and Michael is forced to return to reality. Michael is taken by two VNS guards and is brought to a VNS headquarters. Michael is brought to a room full of coffins. Agent Weber is there and tells Michael she has VNS personnel in the coffins and that she will use the Mortality Doctrine to kill them. Michael is able to send an SOS message and get Kaine to help him out. Kaine sends help and Michael returns to the Virt Net. Michael then meets up with Agent Weber, who is about ready to start up the Mortality Doctrine, which would kill Michael and all the other Tangents. He goes over to where Jackson Porter’s code is in the Doctrine. If Jackson Porter is killed, Michael is killed. Michael works furiously to stop Agent Weber and becomes successful. Michael then realises the power of the Doctrine and destroys it with his friends, without killing the tangents and humans. After that he returns back to reality and everything is back to
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